Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The list

This page is going to be very simple. A list of corporations that hawk EU rule, to suit their rigging and dominance of the markets. They want the decks stacking in their favour at the expense of your freedom & democracy. If you have submissions you would like to be on The List, let me know by telling me the company name and a credible link reporting their EU whoredom!

4. Nissan

Nissan have now changed their position and stated they will continue to invest in UK, even if we leave the EU.

5. BBC Any story they run.

6. Toyota removed due to seeing the way the wind was blowing and no longer saying they will leave on BREXIT.

7. Unilever now removed due to coming out and saying Brexit will not impact their operations.

Removed Airbus for saying they will not leave UK after all.

10. LBC Radio a constant stream of pro-EU propaganda.

Removed Sainsbury's for coming out as neutral, though Lord Sainsbury is still running their campaign, but is allegedly not involved in the business. I have my doubts but use your own judgement.

11. Any company supporting @BNE_Group!
Innocent Drinks
Hogan cider
Premium Textiles
Manpower Group

12. See this link for some more companies that putting rigging markets before

British Telecom
Turnberry Rug Works

15. Pimlico plumbers.

16. Ryan Air

17. Dulux 

18. BT

19. Bank of America/Merril Lynch/JP Morgan/Golman Sachs

20. Any company that signed the letter from Cameron begging them to support their treachery including

Marks & Spencer

Send me your suggestion @mkpdavies

Also see this excellent link that proves the big corporate denominated EU damages our trade in a big way.

10 Questions to ask after Dave's EU "renegotiation"

1. Is the UK parliament restored as ultimate authority for laws applying to the UK, unless devolved downwards?
2. Does the UK parliament have full control over border policy?
3. Does the UK parliament have full control over Britain's fishing waters?
4. Can The UK make trade deals with whatever non-EU countries it wants to, with zero EU levy?
5. Does a UK court have final say over extradition requests?
6. Have UK membership fees been reduced to the cost of administration of free trade mechanisms?
7. Has the UK got the power to have a referendum on any issue its parliament wants to grant?
8. Does the UK parliament have full tax setting powers, unless devolved downwards?
9. Is the ultimate political authority of the UK an elected body, accountable to the people of the UK?
10. Is the ultimate arbiter of human rights in the UK, accountable to the UK Parliament?

If the answer to any one of these questions is no, then we must vote to leave the EU.

Currently and shamefully the answer to every one of these questions is no.

Before we joined the EEC, every one of these answers was yes. This is how much our treacherous political class has given away by stealth, to a body that is run by unelected people and accountable to who knows who.

My faith in Dave negotiating a single one of these essential, nationhood defining items is zero.